Either that or Assad is ‘dumbest dictator on the planet,’ he says

The chemical attack allegedly perpetrated by the Syrian government is most likely a false flag, according to Senator Rand Paul (R-KY).

When asked by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer if stalling Russian sanctions was the right move for Trump, Paul directed the topic to whether or not the chemical attack in Syria was even genuine.

“I think before you talk about sanctions, we oughta talk about what evidence is there that Russia was complicit in this attack,” Paul said on Monday.

“In fact, for that matter, I still look at the attack and say Assad either must be the dumbest dictator on the planet or maybe he didn’t do it. I have yet to see evidence that he did do it. The intelligence agencies claim they have that evidence. But think about it: does it make any sense?”

“He’s been winning the war for the last couple of years,” he continued. “The only thing that would galvanize the world to attack Assad directly is a chemical attack. It killed relatively few people compared to what can be killed with traditional bombs, traditional machine guns, traditional tanks. And so you wonder, what logic would there be for Assad to be using chemical weapons?

“So before we get to the Russians, we have to first determine that Syria was implicated, and then we outta determine what the connection is between Russia and Syria on this attack.”