Only Obamacare can save women, says Keith Ellison
Democrats winning the midterm elections in 2018 is a matter of life and death, according to Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.).

Ellison, who serves as the Deputy Chair of the Democratic National Committee, told an audience at a Progressive Change Campaign Committee event that maternal mortality rates are on the rise because Democrats are losing influence and Obamacare is being slowly dismantled.

“Women are dying because we are losing elections,” Ellison said. “We don’t have the right to lose a damn election. We have to win. We have to win.”

“They need me to put more in, they need me to put my back into it, more than before,” he said, referring to women needing Democratic politicians to put in more effort. “Because their lives depend upon it.”

Ellison urged Democrats to support far-left government-dominated health systems like single-payer healthcare for 2018.

“I believe universal health care coverage is the civil rights issue of our time,” Ellison’s website reads. “The need for safe, affordable health care is an issue that affects us all.”