More than 600 asylum seekers crossed into the country through one border crossing in one weekend.

Although the government of Canada speaks of it only infrequently, the influx of illegal immigrants across Canada’s southern border has shown no signs of abating, and Canadians are, of course, becoming concerned.

According to commentator Candice Malcolm, writing in the Toronto Sun, the problem has only gotten worse, and immigrants are now pouring over the border in record numbers — more this year, even, than in 2017, when Canada intercepted a record number of border jumpers.

“Over Easter weekend, the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) confirmed that approximately 600 asylum seekers crossed illegally into Canada at one single location in Lacolle, Quebec,” Malcolm writes. And in just the two first months of 2018, more than 7,500 people have applied for asylum from the Canadian government.

Most people, Malcolm points out, don’t cross in January in February. Those are two very cold months in most of Canada.

In 2017, there were 50,405 asylum claims made, Malcolm writes — and those are just border jumpers who thought to make their presence known so that they could stay in Canada long-term. Obtaining even temporary citizenship in Canada is notoriously difficult; they require proof of major need, and in the absence of a clear and convincing reason that the applicant requires amnesty, evidence that the applicant will contribute meaningfully to the Canadian economy and workforce.

Canada also prefers to pick and choose its refugees, asking potential asylum seekers to apply while still in their home countries. The government then handpicks which potential Canadians get to navigate their system.

In the four years prior, only around 15,000 people sought asylum from Justin Trudeau’s government. But Trudeau made it clear in the first few months of 2017 that Canada would welcome immigrants with “open arms,” even tweeting that Canada was a much safer and more open place than the United States, thanks to our president, Donald Trump.

Little did Trudeau realize there’s a reason the United States is cracking down on immigration.