Everyone across the U.S. should throw these items away immediately.


A recent CDC report outlined that there are 200 very deadly “nightmare bacteria” that pose a very real threat to mankind. It has also been established that the Black Death and yellow fever are making a comeback, as are certain deadly strains of the flu. Tuberculosis is not unheard of any longer and even measles are looming on the horizon. Now, E.Coli is also popping up with a striking amount of cases, as Gizmodo observed today.

The “initially mysterious outbreak of Escherichia coli” has grown to invade no less than 11 different states since the middle of March, the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention have confirmed. At least the cause has been unearthed, and it is described as “the bland boy band of vegetables, romaine lettuce.” This joins the earlier egg recall as popular food choices are making many people very sick.

Thirty-five people have been sickened and the outbreak has hit both coasts of the U.S. Idaho has reported 8 patients and Pennsylvania 9, thus making them the two slates with the most cases.

No one has died from this outbreak, but twenty-two people have ended up in the hospital and one sufferer developed a kidney ailment known as hemolytic uremic syndrome. This causes the kidneys to fail, highlighting the very real threat posed by E. Coli.

Twenty-six of those who endured infections reported have cut up romaine lettuce in the week prior to falling ill.

The CDC has refrained from yet blaming any “single grower, supplier, distributor, or brand,” though the Yuma, Arizona region seems to have been the source of the problems.

Those who have romaine lettuce (or who are unsure of what kind of lettuce they have) are being encouraged to throw it away and to NOT consume it. Diners are also being shepherded away from eating the popular vegetable at restaurants in the Yuma area.

All surfaces where the offending lettuce may have touched should be washed in bleach, as well. Hot water should be used when washing hands after clean up.

Strains of O157:H7 produce an especially nasty toxin called Shiga,” which doctors know can lead easily to kidney failure and other complications. This outbreak is thought to have run from December to January, so it is very likely that infected lettuce still sits on store shelves and in home refrigerators.

Strangely enough, one of the more healthy food chains in New Jersey was struck very hard, Panera Bread. That establishment and other locations are believed to have sickened seven people. For a time, N.J. lead the pack in terms of cases, a fact that has since changed.

Individuals with this infection usually get better within about 5 to 7 days, however, some illnesses can be serious or even life-threatening,” stated Shereef Elnahal, commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Health.

Elnahal went on to address the CDC’s most recent report and added, “Anyone experiencing symptoms of this illness should see a healthcare provider.

Those unfortunate enough to come down with the sickness will certainly be aware of it, too. The symptoms include “horrible stomach cramps, bloody diarrhea, and vomiting.” Those with diarrhea lasting in excess of three days or who find that bowel movements have become “bloody, and/or is accompanied by an inability to pee, uncontrollable vomiting,” along with a high fever are told to seek help at once!

So far, the CDC has no numbers confirmed past March 27, so the volume of cases may have already risen. It is possible that more people will be infected, particularly if this infected lettuce is consumed.

Now that the word is out, the hope is that this won’t be the case.