Paying activists and others to gather (distort) valuable voter information to pass along to the U.S. Census Bureau and register new voters…

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(Hayden Ludwig, Capital Research Center) Just who is the Funders’ Committee for Civic Participation (FCCP), and why should anyone care?

You may not have much interest in the FCCP, but they’re certainly interested in you—and your vote.

The FCCP, which Capital Research Center profiled in 2015, is a group based in Austin, Texas, that focuses on increasing “civic participation”—voting rates—ostensibly to promote democracy and good government.

It’s a nonpartisan organization, it says, dedicated to giving a voice to “historically disenfranchised and underrepresented communities.”

But the FCCP doesn’t exist—at least, not like a real nonprofit.

It doesn’t file tax filings with the IRS.

That’s because FCCP is a project of NEO Philanthropy, a New York nonprofit that funds voter projects for the Left.

NEO is a pass-through operation.

Unlike traditional grantmaking foundations, it operates as a vehicle for like-minded donors and foundations to pool resources and coordinate advocacy activity.

And it moves significant sums—$115 million in 1,400 grants in the last five years, according to NEO’s website.

As with most left-wing pass-throughs, such as the Tides Foundation, NEO members run the gamut of wealthy liberal grantmakers.

The Funders’ Committee for Civic Participation is not a funder itself.

Instead, it’s a kind of “donors’ trade group”—unifying left-wing grantmakers to coordinate funding and organizational strategies….

The labor unions AFL-CIO, National Education Association, and the union-owned Amalgamated Bank are all FCCP members.

They are also politically active in every election cycle, and give almost exclusively to Democrats (AFL-CIO, for instance, has spent $65.3 million in political contributions since 1990, according to the Center for Responsive Politics—2 percent of which went to Republicans).

And why is overtly partisan WIN Minnesota—a super PAC funded by the SEIU, AFSCME, and Alexander Soros—a member of the supposedly nonpartisan FCCP?

FCCP’s most important project is its Funders Census Initiative 2020, or FCI.

This project picks up where its predecessor, FCI 2010, left off—helping to generate tens of millions of dollars and coordinate census worker training ahead of the official 2020 census.

That means paying activists and others to gather valuable voter information to pass along to the U.S. Census Bureau and register new voters—voter information that can also be used by Democratic campaigns to target GOTV (get out the vote) election efforts…Original Source