Building a massive detention facility at the border to hold illegal aliens until their court cases has been proven to stop them from even trying to break into the U.S., the president of the border agents’ union told in an exclusive interview.

Brandon Judd, who heads the National Border Patrol Council, says he’s certain that building a massive holding facility at the border would stop illegal immigration – because it’s a “tried and proven technique” he’s seen work in the past when a “mass of Brazilians” were storming the U.S. southwest border: “Do you think it would help to create some type of massive holding facility at the border to simply hold those claiming credible fear until they can be vetted and adjudicated since so many of them end up getting released into the united states and never show up for court?”

Brandon Judd: “I know it would. And, the reason why I say I know it would is because it’s already been a tried and proven technique.

“Back in the early 2,000s, late 90’s, early 2,000’s, early in my career, we saw a mass of Brazilians that were coming across the border and we were doing the exact same thing, catch and release, which then just encouraged a lot more.

“Once we started holding the Brazilians, it just completely and totally dried up – they didn’t cross anymore.

“And, so, what we see is, when we actually hold people pending their court cases, they just don’t come across the border, anymore.”

The reason the illegal aliens stopped coming is that they knew they didn’t legitimately qualify for asylum and, thus, wouldn’t be released, Judd explained:

“What it was, was that people were scared to cross the border, because they thought that they would be held, they thought they would have to go through their court proceeding, they didn’t think that they would be released.

“But, once they found out that they would be released, we’re now right back up to – in March, we arrested 37,000 illegal border-crossers. That’s more than either March in 2015 or 2016. And, it’s approaching in 2014, which was considered a crisis.”