NRA supporters have taken to blowing up their expensive Yeti coolers on-camera in protest of the company’s announcement it has ended a discount program for National Rifle Association members.

Yeti coolers used by hunters can cost as much as $1,300 each, but some of their social media-savvy customers are taking the #YetiCoolerChallenge and blowing them up after Yeti severed ties with NRA groups, apparently, in response to control activists’ protests.

In the video clip below, NRA supporter Bryan Atkinson shoots his Yeti cooler filled with 22 pounds of Tannerite target explosives.

“There goes that Yeti,” he declares as the cooler explodes. “If Yeti can’t stand behind the NRA, I aint standing behind Yeti no more,” Atkinson says.

]Atkinson’s full seven-minute video of the experience is posted on his Facebook page.

On a YouTube page dedicated the Yeti Challenge, two young women shoot and blow up their Yeti, declaring:

“Yeti does not support the NRA, so we do not support Yeti.”

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