CNN’s pompous New Day co-host Chris Cuomo kicked off the new week by hammered Ohio Republican Congressman Jim Jordan, pathetically accusing the GOP official of taking part in “ugly politics” and claiming that he and his fellow Republicans are guilty of “selective outrage” depending on the person or issue involved.

Cuomo began the segment by wondering out loud why President Donald Trump would “spend his energy” posting a series of Twitter messages before a week filled with significant diplomacy efforts.

Jordan, whom the Cuomo alluded to as the founder of the Freedom Caucus and a member of the House Judiciary Committee, responded that Trump is “frustrated.”

The Ohio Republican then stated:

Think about it. It’s been a year now. There’s no evidence of any type of coordination between the Trump campaign and Russia.

There’s all kinds of evidence that the Clinton campaign worked with the dossier, put together the dossier, worked with Christopher Steele, worked with Fusion that was used in the FISA court, and then he gets his personal lawyer’s door kicked in.

“So there’s frustration,” he continued, “and you can’t blame the president for speaking out against this stuff. A lot of Americans are frustrated as well.”

Cuomo then dismissed most of Jordan’s points as “not relevant to the president’s own personal fate” and claimed they don’t “change the math of what he’s facing and how he’s handling it.”

“Remember,” the GOP guest replied, “this is all part of the whole investigation, which has today shown no type of coordination between … .”

“It’s not over,” Cuomo interrupted.

“I know it’s not over,” Jordan noted, “but it’s been a year. They went to the court with this dossier,” which he described as “the most convoluted thing you’ve ever seen.”

The Republican then moved on to his second point: “They didn’t disclose another important thing, that namely the author of the dossier, Christopher Steele, had his relationship with the FBI terminated because why? He went and leaked to the press.”

“That doesn’t change the nature of his information,” Cuomo stated. “We now know from [former FBI Director James] Comey that parts of the dossier had been corroborated.”

Jordan replied impatiently: “Someone went to Russia at some point in the past. If that’s corroboration of the entire document … .”

“No one said the entire document,” the liberal co-host backtracked, “but certain things were corroborated.”

The New Day host later continued:

You guys used it, certainly the Republicans, the people who had always stood up for law enforcement when they were getting criticized, often fairly by people like me in the media, but you stood up for them, but no more.

You guys used it as a trampoline for this nonsense about a secret society, and that they were out to get Trump and had an agenda.

When Jordan responded “I didn’t say that,” Cuomo claimed:  “One of your boys did, and you didn’t come out and say he shouldn’t be saying this, and this is crazy talk.”

“They shouldn’t have been saying the things they were saying,” the guest continued, “like the president shouldn’t be president.”

“What I’m seeing is you guys are so selective in your outrage,” the CNN host continued. “You want to go after [former FBI Deputy Director Andrew] McCabe,” who “was trying to push to investigate [Hillary] Clinton, which is what you say you wanted.”

“That’s ugly politics, Jim,” he continued. “Ugly politics.”

While deflecting Cuomo’s accusation, the Congressman said: “I call ’em like I see ’em. I criticized Comey in July of 2016, when he came out with his big press conference. I took heat from Republicans because I think James Comey has been wrong throughout this entire process.”

“But the president fired him,” Cuomo stated, “and he did it because of his dissatisfaction with the Russia probe.”

“This is the classic definition of the swamp,” Jordan continued wearily, “and this is what drives Americans crazy.”

“You’re being a little swampy with this one,” the co-host asserted.

Cuomo concluded by asking Jordan if he wants to be the new Speaker of the House. The Ohio Congressman replied that he is “seriously considering” it, though he spoke for the Republican-led Congress when he stated: “What we do this year is more important.”