Brooklyn Senator Simcha Felder will remain sided with conservatives.

The GOP will remain in control of the New York state Senate despite democrats winning two special elections on Tuesday night. As noted by Fox News, the victory is key because the democrats’ wins mean nothing as republicans will keep control of the state Senate ahead of crucial midterm elections.

Brooklyn Democrat Sen. Simcha Felder has worked closely with republicans, which hasn’t sat well with other liberal lawmakers. Democratic leaders were hoping that Felder would return if they won Tuesday’s elections in the Bronx and Westchester County.

Instead, Felder squashed those hopes before the polls closed, saying that he didn’t want to create a major fight for Senate control that would jeopardize the last weeks of the legislative session and harm his constituents.

In Westchester County, Democratic Assemblywoman Shelley Mayer narrowly defeated republican Julie Killian. In the Bronx election, Democratic Assemblyman Luis Sepulveda won 89 percent of the vote against republican Patrick Delices.

Senate Democrat Spokesperson Mike Murphy immediately claimed that the two victories were a referendum on President Donald Trump and republicans, yet completely failed to mentioned several major facts.

For starters, because of one democrat, the GOP will control of the New York state Senate. That’s very big news, and will allow conservatives to fight back against Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo and other anti-Trump policies in the far-left state.

Also, Felder’s support shows that even democrats in New York are against total control to the far-left mob and giving them complete ownership of the state.

Cuomo’s office said the city is planning to do everything it can to help democrats win back a majority in the state and propel the party nationally. Cuomo, like many democrats, believes he can prompt a big democratic turnout with their anti-Trump, obstructionist message.

That’s true, opposing the president likely will energize democrats to get out and vote. But it will also motivate republicans and independents to do the same thing, because many people want to ensure Trump’s agenda and accomplishments aren’t hijacked and reversed. Keeping Trump’s policies intact will motivate many voters to tame democratic efforts to win back control of Congress.

The elections in New York on Tuesday show that while democratic voters may be energized, republicans are also showing up to vote.

Just because elections are close doesn’t mean republicans are in trouble. It means lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle are going to have to work harder to earn votes from their constituents — which is exactly what our Founding Fathers intended to happen.

And the big win in New York for republicans can be viewed as a referendum on liberal lawmakers in the state.