Although the far-left CNN buried its big news under 15 paragraphs of excuse-making for the latest anti-gay scribblings that surfaced on MSNBC anchor Joy Reid’s old blog, what more does anyone need to know than the following: “The Library of Congress …  contains the disputed posts and lists them as having been archived on January 12, 2006.”

But-but-but I was told the Wayback machine was hacked in an attempt to frame Anti-Trump Resistance Leader Joy Reid as a homophobe?

But-but-but I was told the screencaps had been altered as a means to frame Anti-Trump Resistance Leader Joy Reid as a homophobe?

Well, now we know (and CNN’s attempt to bury the news is the best proof it is true) that the posts in question from Joy Reid’s now-shuttered blog, The Reid Report, were archived all the way back in January of 2006. Which is another way of saying that Reid’s claim she was hacked makes absolutely no sense.

Why in the world would anyone want to frame Joy Reid as a homophobe in 2006?

Why would someone go to all this trouble to frame a relative unknown who would not arrive on the national scene until the middle of the following decade?

What’s more, Reid copped to publishing homophobic attacks about Florida’s then-Republican governor Charlie Crist — from 2007 to 2009 — and apologized for that offense just a few months ago.

In other words, we are supposed to believe that sometime prior to 2006, some hacker added a bunch of anti-gay material to a site that Reid then curated for many more years, admittedly publishing even more anti-gay material later, and did so because… because… because… why?

What could the hacker’s motive possibly be? Even if the hacker’s motive was to destroy Reid, why wait until 2018? Why wait 12 freakin’ years? According to Wikipedia, in 2006 Reid co-hosted a morning talk show and wrote a  column for the Miami Herald. Wasn’t that the time to spring this nefarious trap?

None of this makes a lick of sense.

Something else that makes no sense is that Reid now says she learned of the hack in December. Huh? Her homophobic attacks on Crist were discovered on November 30. Reid apologized on December 3. Why did she keep this hack a secret? Why didn’t she disclose the hack at the time?

You want to know what does make sense? Reid’s motivation to lie.

The first round of anti-gay posts that surfaced were attacks on Crist, who was then a Republican and someone Democrats feared would challenge President Obama in 2012. Reid could safely own those acts of bigotry because the media is willing to forgive any kind bigotry hurled at a Rethuglican, especially if it meant protecting The One.

These newly-discovered writings, however, come from a whole different place.

These writings are not aimed at a Republican. Rather, among other things, they traffic in stereotypes about homosexuals being attracted to underage boys.

“And then there are the concerns that adult gay men tend to be attracted to very young, post-pubescent types, bringing them ‘into the lifestyle’ in a way that many people consider to be immoral,” one post reads. “Ditto with gay rights groups that seek to organize very young, impressionable teens who may have an inclination that they are gay.”

Other posts are aimed at the likes of Anderson Cooper and Clay Aiken, celebrities who had not yet come out as gay, but were ridiculed by the Reid Report anyway.  Moreover, this is yet another example of Reid’s malicious attempt to “out” people who preferred to keep their private lives private. With Crist, who is not gay, Reid attacked him a closet case even after he married a woman. Despicable behavior.

According to the far-left blog Mediaite, dozens of politicians and celebrities were hit with anti-gay jokes on Reid’s site. Yes, this was one busy hacker laying a trap that would be sprung 12 years later to prove an admitted homophobe was a, uhm, homophobe.

Reid’s biggest problem is not what she wrote a dozen years ago. Reid is a hardcore leftist and therefore — even as Laura Ingraham’s career is shredded for using the word “whining” — she will be forgiven anything … except lying.

Or maybe she will be forgiven for lying. This is NBC News we are talking about, the home of Brian Williams.

What we do know is that as of now there is no proof she was hacked and that the idea she was hacked after 2006 is simply not true.

Reid has also so far refused to tell us which posts she believes were hacked and when exactly she believes the hack occurred.

Worse still, Glenn Greenwald found some Reid tweets promoting the anti-gay angle in the very posts she now wants us to believe were hacked. Was joy Reid’s Twitter account hacked?

The fallout has already begun. Reid was scheduled to receive award from a gay rights group next month. That has been rescinded. Thus far, though, NBC News is standing by Reid, and even offering up what it claims is evidence of bizarre logins on the Reid Report through the Dark Web, or something. But this smells more like an attempt by NBC to muddy the waters enough to save Reid.

According to HuffPost, NBC is also being cagey. The far-left news outlet claims a federal agency is looking into the hack but refuses to say which one.

Gee, I wonder why?