“Supporting Trump is not a religion”.

A judge in Manhattan ruled Wednesday that it is not a violation of the law to refuse service to a supporter of the sitting President, and that they can be asked to leave the premises on those grounds, without recourse.

The case came about when Philadelphia resident Greg Piatek claimed he was refused service and told to leave a bar in New York in January 2017 because he was wearing a Trump “Make American Great Again” hat.


Piatek says The Happiest Hour bar told him that “Anyone who supports Trump — or believes in what you believe — is not welcome here! And you need to leave right now because we won’t serve you!”

In his lawsuit Piatek said that the incident “offended his sense of being an American,” while the bar claimed it is a “publicity stunt.”

The New York Post reports that Justice David Cohen ruled in favor of the bar because the political discrimination is not against the law, only religious discrimination.

Lawyers for the bar argued that “Supporting Trump is not a religion,” therefore Piatek had no legal grounds for action.

Piatek’s lawyers attempted to argue that he was wearing the hat as a “spiritual tribute to the victims of 9/11” while visiting the memorial, but the argument did not hold.

Referring to the incident as a “petty slight,” the judge noted that “Plaintiff does not state any faith-based principle to which the hat relates.”

“Here the claim that plaintiff was not served and eventually escorted out of the bar because of his perceived support for President Trump is not outrageous conduct.” the judge added.

So there you have it, anyone who declares support for the sitting President can be discriminated against in New York city.

Someone better tell Kanye West!