Fired FBI Chief James Comey went on CNN last night to promote he new book and to smear President Trump.

Comey also bashed and lectured Republicans.

James Comey: I’ve been embarrassed and ashamed. My question for Republicans is, so where is that? Where is that commitment to character and values. If people convince themselves, well we’ll trade it temporarily for a tax cut or Supreme Court Justice, as I say in the book that’s a fool’s bargain.

President Trump went on FOX and Friends earlier today and destroyed Comey.

President Trump: Look, Comey is a leaker and he’s a liar and not only on this stuff. He’s been leaking for years. He’s probably been using his friend the so-called professor who now turns out to have been FBI clearance, which he never said. He even lied about that because he never said that in Congress, he said he gave it to a friend.

That was devastating.

Via Varney and Co.: