#NeverTrump troll website Redstate was finally shut down today.

Guess there’s just not a marked in the conservative media for Trump-bashing lunacy.

Redstate was the pulse of the conservative movement:

Poor Erick Erickson:

RedState famously called for protesters to bring guns to Trump rallies.

CNN Money reported:

Salem Media, owner of the influential conservative outlet RedState, froze the site on Friday and dismissed many of its writers.

Bloggers were locked out of their accounts — some just temporarily, while the cuts were made, and others permanently.

Erick Erickson, the site’s longtime editor who left in 2015, tweeted about what he called the “mass firing” on Friday morning.

“Very sad to see, but not really surprising given Salem’s direction,” he wrote. “And, finally, after all these years, they’ve turned off my account.”

Multiple sources told CNNMoney that they believed conservative critics of President Trump were the writers targeted for removal.

“Insufficiently partisan” was the phrase one writer used in a RedState group chat.