Oklahoma residents have never had such a right in the entirety of the state’s founding.


Most gun owners will agree that it is absolutely ridiculous that while the second amendment pertains to the entirety of the United States, residents in liberal states cannot fully exercise that right. Thankfully for such individuals in Oklahoma, that has recently changed with gun laws extending to include a ‘Constitutional Carry Bill,’ SB 1212, which will allow law-abiding citizens to conceal without a permit.

This is the result of practical republican legislators realizing that such laws are undeniably beneficial in protecting innocent civilians yet do not endanger the community by giving additional permissions to criminals. It is an amazing victory considering that for almost 110 years Oklahoma residents have not had such a right.

Yet unsurprisingly, liberal opponents of the bill argue that it does, along with endangering law enforcement officers.

The bill passed in the Oklahoma House of Representatives on Wednesday with a 59-28 passing vote. It has yet to pass in the OK Senate; however, the state’s governor, Mary Fallin, reportedly has a “pretty good” chance of signing the bill into law.

As with any other gun carrying law, there are restrictions and such permissions do not mean that someone with such rights can legally carry just anywhere.

Carrying a weapon will be hence prohibited at locations such as courthouses, prisons, schools, gambling establishments, or “any other place specifically prohibited by law.”

However, Representative Jeff Coody who is backing the bill made a point to allow carrying permissions in “wildlife refuge or management area[s].”

Yet considering that the law will now extend to all Oklahoma citizens who have retained the right to bear arms, it naturally omits “training and background checks,” thus making the state a much safer place for civilians with a sudden need to obtain and carry a gun while also eliminating previously mandated fees.

Liberals have naturally gawked at such omissions; however, Oklahoma Representative Justin Humphrey rightfully noted that violent crime offenders often have unresolved issues pertaining to such background checks, making them essentially useless in many cases.

Coody added that even though mandated training will no longer be required to carry a weapon, the responsible gun owner will more often than not “get more training than required under existing law.”

The Oklahoma Second Amendment Association, also a supporter of the bill, reminded fellow supporters that this is a notable victory considering that concealed carry as covered under the bill “has been prohibited in Oklahoma since statehood in 1907.”

In response to the second amendment victory, those on the left are arguing that it is inappropriate to pass a bill such as this following the tragic events that occurred in Parkland, Florida.

The audacity in that argument is almost tangible given that in the wake of certain events there has never been a better time to loosen restrictions for law-abiding gun owners considering that the media has been clear in notifying all of America that there are malicious killers on the loose, both of adult and school age.

“We need to have reasonable restrictions,” Democratic Representative Shane Stone pleaded, while also hypocritically claiming to be a second amendment supporter at the same time.

He then ridiculously continued to argue that the new state law is unconstitutional as it “could put law enforcement officers at risk.”

“It’s too far out there,” Stone said, even more outlandishly claiming that by citizens upholding their constitutional rights, police officers are at risk.

While his mission to protect innocent lives is noble, Stone is demonstrating how gullible democrats in office are, along with proving that they have little to no knowledge of firearm laws.

Oklahoma is not the first nor last state to mandate that any law-abiding citizens may carry a weapon without being registered to do so alongside Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, Maine, Kansas, Wyoming, and others.

Not coincidentally, these are generally the states least susceptible to attacks of gun violence, as even criminals are often aware of gun carrying laws despite disregarding them.

Yet the arguments against the bill continued in a record-breaking level of ridiculous liberal logic.

A former military serviceman of all people offered the following confusing statement:

“I do believe in everybody’s right to carry and the second amendment, but I don’t think just anybody should carry a gun.”

However, another democrat, Representative Collin Walke, topped off the liberal argument by suggesting the protected liberty to carry a gun is “not actually a right.”

The arguments mentioned are enough even to make constitutionalists who are anti-gun cringe at the sheer negligence of American law. Most fortunately, it appears that this bill will pass without issue and Oklahoma residents will finally be able to defend their lives and families.

As for the remaining states that have yet to loosen such gun restrictions, hopefully corresponding legislators will come to their senses soon in embracing the safety and necessity of the second amendment.