Very Fake News Chris Cuomo from CNN had Rep. Steve King (R-IA) on to discuss the Congressional hearing on Thursday on the censorship of conservative publishers on Facebook.

Rather than discuss the evidence Chris Cuomo attacked and smeared The Gateway Pundit and told Rep. Steve King that Facebook was not targeting conservative websites.

Here is the transcript:

Chris Cuomo: How do you know it’s true? Facebook says it’s not true. I have a whole timeline here that says it’s not true.

Rep. Steve King: Of course they would. I have the data that came to me from The Gateway Pundit. I would like to have had him as a witness yesterday. I thought he had the original information, the most definitive and the most expansive information on it. He tracked the sites for a number of conservative organizations.

Chris Cuomo: The conspiracy-advancing blogger, the Gateway Pundit? That’s who you want to rely on?

Rep. Steve King: I would never describe Jim Hoft that way.

Chris Cuomo: You would be describing him inaccurately.

Steve King: A conservative pundit, yes, but not a conspiracy-advancing one.

Chris Cuomo: (listening to earpiece) Hang on a second, what do you call picking the wrong Vegas shooter, who just happens to be a democrat?

Rep. Steve King: I would say occasionally people do make mistake.

Chris Cuomo: A mistake assumes that you had no intention to deceive. That it was innocent.

Rep. Steve King: Yes.

Chris Cuomo: The idea of pushing that Hillary Clinton is unfit to serve because she has some mystery mystery malady.

Rep. Steve King: That was a judgement call, a speculative judgement call on what information was available to him at the…

Chris Cuomo: Boy, are you forgiving. i wish you were my priest, Steve.

So, Hillary Clinton was in perfect health? Is that the crap fake news CNN is pushing these days?

Chris Cuomo could not discuss the evidence because it is SO OBVIOUS that Facebook is eliminating conservative speech and shutting out conservative publishers.

Here again is the evidence that was submitted into the Congressional record at yesterday’s testimony.
Here is proof that Facebook is targeting conservative publishers.

Chris Cuomo refused to look at the evidence.