Judge Napolitano says she might have committed a felony


MSNBC’s Joy Reid could face legal trouble for asking the FBI to investigate the alleged hacking of the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

John H. Reichman, Reid’s attorney, released a statement through MSNBC, saying, “We have received confirmation the FBI has opened an investigation into potential criminal activities surrounding several online accounts, including personal email and blog accounts, belonging to Joy-Ann Reid.”

Many believe Reid, or possibly her lawyer, contacted the FBI and filed a formal complaint over the hacking claims.

If skeptics such as Judge Napolitano are proven correct, Reid could face charges for filing a false report.

According to Napolitano, if Reid’s lawyers filed a formal complaint “knowing that the events about which she complained were caused by herself, that’s a felony.”

Law and Crime reports, “There is also the possibility that the FBI independently opened their investigation into Reid’s hacking claims, but we should all hope the FBI has much better things to do. In any event, it’s improbable.”

Reid said, “I genuinely do not believe I wrote those hateful things,” but Zero Hedge sarcastically argues, “Hackers must have broken into her website prior to the internet archive cataloging it, and made dozens of homophobic, bigoted entries, which just sat there for years until they were unearthed nearly a decade later.”