Fired FBI Director James Comey went on with Bret Baier on Special Report in late April to pitch his new book and discuss his controversial career.

During the interview Comey told Bret Baier he still wasn’t sure who paid for the phony Russia dossier.

Comey signed three FISA applications to authorize wiretaps on the Trump team based on the dossier.

Comey was the FBI Director at the time… STUNNING.

But Comey was lying again.

Hillary Clinton admitted in November that she paid for the junk Russia dossier.
She defended her decision on The Daily Show!

Via Daily Mail:

Hillary Clinton has defended her campaign for paying for the infamous Steele dossier into Donald Trump.

The former presidential candidate told Trevor Noah on the Daily Show that ‘of course’ there is a difference between paying for that information and colluding with Russia to influence the 2016 election.

Clinton said the dossier was simply ‘opposition research’ and pointed to the fact that it was not public knowledge during the election.