A unapologetic pedophile described as “systematic” and “evil personified” has been found dead in his prison cell after his testicles were removed and his injuries went untreated. 

Daniel Davey, a 22-year-old McDonalds employee, was sent to prison in late 2017 after being caught raping a 5-year-old boy. Following a police investigation it emerged that Davey had also raped another child aged six.

On December 1 the pedophile was ordered to serve six-and-a-half years in prison at HMP Bullingdon, in Oxfordshire, UK — a Category B & C prison that has housed some of Britain’s most notorious criminals, including former children’s TV presenter and convicted child abuser Rolf Harris.

HMP Bullingdon, Oxfordshire houses many of Britain’s most dangerous criminals.

Davey’s body was discovered by HMP Bullingdon prison guards after he failed to respond to a routine morning wake up call. According to one guard, Davey appeared to have received “a beating” and there was “blood everywhere” in his cell.

The guard also noted that Davey’s testicles had been “forcibly removed with what appeared to be a blunt instrument” and it appeared he had “slowly bled out until he died.”

Although not a life threatening injury in itself, if left untreated for several hours a person is likely to bleed out and suffer shock from the extreme pain.

A spokesman for HMP Bullingdon refused to speculate on why the convicted pedophile’s injuries went unnoticed for so long, or whether Davey attempted to raise the alarm or seek help during the night while he was bleeding out.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Justice said his death in custody would be investigated by the Prison Service Ombudsman.

Davey sexually abused his young victims while living in Chippenham, UK, and police found his DNA on the children’s underwear after a complaint against him by a young boy and a subsequent investigation.

Speaking at the time of the sentencing, Detective Con Graham Mansell said: ”Davey’s depravity drove him to systematically abuse this very young boy at least six times over an 18-month period.”

A former girlfriend stated in court that she had seen a horrendous image on Davey’s computer of a man raping a child, but he claimed he had been sent it by someone else “as a joke.” According to reports, Davey managed to destroy his computer shortly before his arrest.

Davey was found guilty on two counts of child rape and ordered to serve a lifetime Sexual Harm Prevention Order and register as a sex offender.

Investigators say they are not treating Davey’s death as suspicious and not yet ruled out suicide.