New poll shows House race within margin of error


A new CNN article admits that the Democrats’ much hyped “blue wave” going into the mid-terms has become nothing more than a trickle.

In a piece entitled For Dems, ‘blue wave’ is now a trickle, the article points to Tuesday night’s Senate and congressional results in West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana and North Carolina, which illustrate how, “Republican candidates who embraced President Trump and his “drain the swamp” message came out on top.”

The article goes on to acknowledge that if the economy remains strong and Trump continues to enjoy foreign policy success, “The anticipated Blue Wave will be more like an uphill battle.”

The scale of the turnaround is illustrated by a new CNN poll that confirms the Democrats’ lead for the House is now within margin of error, having been as high as 16 points as recently as December.

Asked who they would vote for if elections were held today, 47% chose a generic Democrat, while 43% chose a generic Republican.

The poll contains a further boost for Republicans, with 84% of Americans saying the economy will be “extremely” or “very” important to their votes.

Meanwhile, Politico’s Charlie Mahtesian admits that Tuesday night’s outcome confirms that, “the outlook for wresting the Senate away from the GOP remains grim, with Democrats, “confronting the worst Senate map ever—as in, since direct Senate elections began in 1914.”

Elsewhere, there’s positive news for Trump himself, with UK betting site Paddy Power offering odds of 2/1 for the president to win a Nobel Peace Prize before the end of his first term. Trump is also the clear favorite to win the presidency in 2020.