Crooked Hillary Lectures Trump Over Decision to Nuke Iran Deal – Twitter Responds

Twice-failed presidential hopeful, Crooked Hillary lectured Trump over his decision to exit the Iran nuclear deal on Tuesday.

As if Hillary has any room to talk. Any ‘negotiation’ Hillary has ever been a part of includes pay-to-play bribes to her Clinton Foundation. That is how she makes her decisions. It has nothing to do with the safety and security of our country.

Reading Hillary’s response to Trump’s decision to nuke Obama’s failed Iran deal is a nice reminder America dodged a MOAB when she lost the 2016 election.

Earlier Tuesday, both Obama and John Kerry were furious with Trump after he nixed their Iran deal.

Trump is ‘dragging the world back to the brink,’ Kerry said in a statement.

Late Tuesday evening, Hillary sent out a series of tweets lecturing Trump on his ‘mistake’ to exit the disastrous Iran nuke deal.

Part one: Pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal is a big mistake. It makes America less safe and less trusted. Iran is now more dangerous. What’s plan B? Anyone who thinks bombing is the answer is woefully misinformed.