CIA Director nominee Gina Haspel testified before the Senate on Wednesday on her qualifications to lead the CIA.

During questioning Haspel was grilled on her previous participation in the waterboarding “torture” of Islamist mass killers.

The CIA reportedly waterboarded a handful of top terrorists after the 9-11 attacks and was able to obtain information that broke up several attacks and led the US to Bin Laden.

Democrats and squish Republicans believe this was immoral and a stain on US history.

Haspel refused to apologize for the interrogation methods during questioning.

Senator John McCain latr released a statement condemning Haspel after the hearing.

But Larry O’Connor, the host of the Larry O’Connor Show on WMALDC, reminded the senior Arizona senator that he voted for John Brennan — who had the same “torture” record as Haspel.