Fox News and MSNBC are showing strong numbers, similar to last year, but the ‘Stormy, Clinton’ News Network is down the toilet.


CNN is Donald Trump’s least favorite network, a point he’s repeatedly made clear during his time in office. He doesn’t care for the way that the network covers news concerning him, and he doesn’t care for their willingness to lie about him.

But it seems that, once again, President Donald J. Trump may be a trendsetter. CNN appears to be in the midst of a ratings free-fall, even as other competing 24-hour news networks maintain stable viewership. The numbers tell their own tale, and a 20 percent drop in viewership says people are sick of the network (and its coverage). Truly, a shocking development. Who saw this coming? Trump, did.

The Cable News Network doesn’t just seem like it’s losing viewers, however.  It seems that they’re losing the most coveted demographic of viewers, the 25-54-year-old viewers. If the viewership on the first ten days of this month sets the trend for the rest of the month, May will be a frankly humiliating month for the news network.

During the first week of May 2018, CNN averaged 859,000 viewers, of which only 286,000 were ‘demo’ viewers (those 25-54-year-old viewers coveted by advertisers).

On the other hand, during the month of May last year, they averaged 1.12 million viewers and 399,000 ‘demo’ viewers, respectable numbers for the news station, though not record-setting numbers by any means.

The difference in numbers between 2017 and 2018 represents a 23 percent drop in overall viewership, and a whopping 29 percent drop in ‘demo’ viewership, numbers that are horrific for any television network.

But maybe other networks are similarly suffering, perhaps due to the weather improving around the country as summer grows nearer?

In a similar comparison, Fox News saw an increase of 5 percent in total viewership, growing from 2.24 million in 2017 to 2.359 million in the first week of 2018. However, the network did experience a slight loss in the coveted ‘demo’ viewers, dropping from 453,000 to 448,000, a loss of about one percent.

What about the other mainstream 24-hour leftist news network, MSNBC? Well, MSNBC saw an increase of four percent of total viewers, from 1.69 million to 1.755 million, coupled with a fairly shocking 16 percent drop in ‘demo’ viewership, from 417,000 to 352,000 in 2018.

To put those numbers into perspective, MSNBC doubled CNN’s viewership, and Fox News TRIPLED it.

So what could be the cause for this loss in viewers that seems to be only impacting CNN? Well, there are a couple of possible causes.

Firstly, CNN, a news network that tends to cater directly to leftists, could be suffering due to fewer leftists getting their news and opinions from television.

But that doesn’t make sense; MSNBC saw a general increase in viewers in the same comparison.

As mentioned earlier, the weather is turning better, and more people out of the house could conceivably equate to fewer viewers. But, yet again, the other two comparable news networks didn’t suffer the same steep decline in viewership numbers.

Maybe, just maybe, the issue is that even leftist viewers who tune in to CNN regularly noticed that the network is one of the main purveyors of ‘fake news’ in the country.

While the leftist journalists at the network may want to believe that this is entirely due to President Donald Trump and his constant statements that they’re willing to run almost any story, often with little fact-checking as long it is critical of him, that can’t be the case.

After all, most people watching CNN likely didn’t vote for President Trump. There’s a reason it was known as the ‘Clinton News Network’ during the election season; it was openly, shockingly, inescapably partisan in its coverage.

If CNN lost leftists, its main audience, that does not bode well for their future. It also suggests that even those who are most inclined toward their political views are losing faith in their ability to honestly report the news.

Most news stations have some sort of political bias to their coverage. As imperfect human beings, it is almost impossible to avoid injecting some amount of bias, and media bias leans overwhelmingly left. Depending on the source, studies and reports have found that newscasters lean to the left by as much as 92 percent versus 8 percent ‘right’ leaning.

Perhaps most hilarious, the besieged network seems to think that it can salvage its bad ratings by focusing on Stormy Daniels, a former porn star who allegedly slept with now-President Trump. Apparently, even their viewers have had enough of the unintelligent woman, who seems happy to cash in on her ’15 minutes of fame’ as long as she possibly can.

If CNN made the mistake of moving too far to the left, to the point that their viewers abandoned the channel in droves, that does not bode well for their future.