Angelenos may be able to hitch a ride through town on Elon Musk’s first underground tunnel in just a few months.

The entrepreneur offered a glimpse Thursday night of what riders can expect when his proposal to help unsnarl the city’s traffic problems becomes a reality.

“First Boring Company tunnel under LA almost done!” he wrote on Instagram, with a video taking viewers through the tunnel. “Pending final regulatory approvals, we will be offering free rides to the public in a few months.”

The City Council’s public works committee last month unanimously approved an environmental review exemption for a tunnel that could run 2.7 miles through West Los Angeles, giving a space for Boring Co. engineers to build and test the proposed transportation technology.

The tunnel’s proposed route runs parallel to Sepulveda Boulevard, starting at Pico Boulevard and running down to Washington Boulevard in Culver City. The tunnel entrance would be located in what is currently a lumber yard and welding area, the company has said.

The tunnel would be 30 to 70 feet below ground, and would not have any stations along the way, which would help avoid major utility lines and other underground hazards that can slow or complicate construction, the company said.

The progress comes about a year-and-a-half after Musk complained about his commute on Twitter, declaring in December 2016 that he is going to “build a tunnel” and “just start digging.”

A video released by the company last year showed a driver steering onto a car-sized platform at street level next to a curb. The platform sinks downward like an elevator. Then the platform, called a “skate,” whisks the car laterally through the tunnel.

Pedestrians and cyclists could use the system by boarding a capsule that could carry eight to 16 people, the Boring Co. said. Musk said last year that he envisioned entry and exit points once per mile or so along the tunnel’s route.

It is believe the digging so far as occurred in and around his property in the Hawthorne area.

Image of underground interchange