NJ Governer Phil Murphy defended his decision to pay for college for for illegal aliens.

Murphy has been in office for less than four months and he’s already giving illegals financial perks.

The NEW Democrat Party ALWAYS puts Illegals before US citizens.
The law could go into effect this fall.

Now after some pushback Governor Murphey released a statement saying, “This is America and we need to include everybody.”

Via FOX Business Network:

NJ.com reported:

College students who are unauthorized immigrants in the state are already allowed to pay for their Garden State college classes at in-state rates. Former Gov. Chris Christie, a Republican, gave thousands of students who grew up in New Jersey but are in the country illegally that ability in 2013.

Now, Gov. Phil Murphy, a Democrat, took the measure a step further when he signed a bill into law Wednesday that would let some of those students be eligible for financial aid — something Christie refused to go along with.

These students, who have to have applied to legalize their immigration status in to be eligible, could receive the aid as soon as this fall.