ByAmanda Prestigiacomo

It looks like all that porn coverage isn’t resulting in the hoped-for climax for CNN’s ratings.

So far, the left-wing network’s ratings for the month of May have dropped by at least 20 percent over last year’s numbers, whereas their competitors’ numbers have largely remained steady.

According to Variety, CNN averaged 1.12 million total viewers in 2017, with 399,000 demo viewers, behind both Fox News and MSNBC. As reported by John Nolte, the average total-viewer ratings for May of this year dropped a stunning 23%, at just 859,000. And it gets worse with their average demo-viewer numbers: CNN took a whopping 29% hit with only 286,000.


Making matters worse for CNN, their ratings nose-dive is not occurring across the board; it’s specific to their network. “By comparison, year-over-year in primetime, Fox News is up 5 percent in total viewers (2.24 million compared to 2.359 million) and experience only a 1 percent drop in the demo (453K compared to 448K),” notes Nolte. “MSNBC enjoyed a 4 percent increase in total viewers (1.69 million compared to 1.755 million) and a 16 percent drop in the demo (417K compared to 352K).”

As reported by The Daily Wire last week, CNN interviewed Michael Avenatti 59 times in less than two months (from March 7 to April 30). Avenatti is the lawyer to Stormy Daniels, AKA Stephanie Clifford, a porn star who claims she had consensual sex with Donald Trump back in 2006, when Melania was pregnant. And Avenatti’s still making regular appearances on the network into the month of May.

Apparently, the viewers are not aroused by all the porn coverage broken up by intermittent Russian hysteria sessions. CNN can’t be ignorant to this reality, but it seems narrative and agenda trump ratings, even if that means elevating a porn star as a prime player for the Democrat Party.

But, remember, CNN has no ideological bend! An apple is not a banana, or something.