President Trump said the Iran nuclear deal negotiated by Barack Obama was corrupt and a “terrible deal” for America. Less than a week after President Trump pulled the United States out of Obama’s deal, the Iranians have taken an extraordinary step on social media that proves Trump was right all along. 

Despite former Secretary of State John Kerry’s best efforts to work against the Trump administration and salvage Obama’s weak deal with the Iranian regime—even contravening the Logan Act by illegally meeting with Iranian officials in Paris last week—the United States no longer has to abide by the agreement and the Iranians are running scared.

Former Secretary of State John Kerry skulking away from a secret meeting with Iranian officials in Paris last week.

Now, less than a week after President Trump pulled the rug from under Iran, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hossein Jaberi Ansari has warned “certain western officials” that if they do not find a way to pressure the Trump administration into re-joining the deal, the Iranian regime will leak their names and proof they accepted bribes to make the corrupt nuclear deal happen.

Event the Washington Post is pointing the finger at John Kerry, saying “I thought we didn’t like Americans who colluded with our enemies“:

Democrats routinely express outrage over claims of collusion with a foreign power to undermine our democracy. So where is the outrage over revelations that former secretary of state John Kerry held not one but two secret meetings with Iran’s foreign minister to strategize over how to undermine President Trump’s plans to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal?

Now that the Iranians have admitted that the Obama negotiated deal was corrupt and relied on western politicians receiving money to make the #IranDeal happen, there can be no doubt that pulling out of the deal was the right thing to do. If the nuclear deal was good for the United States and other western nations, the Iranian regime would not have needed to grease the pockets western politicians to make the deal happen.

The revelation that corrupt politicians accepted Iranian cash in return for favors should come as no surprise. Shady, still unexplained transactions between the White House and the Iranian regime proliferated while Barack Obama was president.