Libby Schaff, who warned illegals of an incoming ICE raid in February, is being sued for documents related to her illegal action.


The Immigration Reform Law Institute filed a lawsuit on Monday against Oakland, California Mayor Libby Schaaf for all documents related to her illegal tip-off regarding a major Immigration and Customs Enforcement raid, according to Breitbart.

IRLI Executive Director Dale Wilcox said when Schaff warned illegal immigrants about the raid, she allowed more than 800 illegal criminals to escape and evade federal authorities. Wilcox also believes that Schaaf has been colluding with high-ranking police officials to protect illegals from immigration officials.

During an interview last Sunday with Breitbart, Wilcox said he’s tired of states and local jurisdictions controlled by liberals openly defying federal law and prioritizing illegals over American citizens.

IRLI is requesting copies of all emails, internal communications, documents, and records between Schaaf and her top-level staff members regarding her decision to warn illegals of the raid.

In February, Schaaf tweeted out a screenshot of a courtesy email she received from ICE notifying her that federal immigration officials would be launching a major sweep of the area.

She not only sent out a screenshot of the email, she gave illegal immigrants a 24-hour notice to seek shelter and hide from officials. These violent, dangerous criminals — who aren’t authorized to be in the U.S. — were given ample time to hide and steer clear of the ICE raid.

Here’s her tweet:

ICE officials said they believe at least 800 illegal criminal immigrants in the Bay Area were able to hide from authorities because of her warning.

These criminals could have been deported from the nation, which would have made her community safer, but Schaaf is more concerned with defying ICE.

Her actions were undoubtedly immoral and illegal, says Wilcox, and he hopes his lawsuit will result in major consequences for the anti-American mayor.

By giving illegals the chance to seek cover, Schaaf confirmed her commitment to the left’s radical, open-borders agenda and proved she is willing to break the law to protect illegals.

Wilcox said he believes the lawsuit will also expose how Schaaf has been working with top police officials to tip off illegals for a lengthy amount of time, saying the liberal mayor is apparently prepared to go to jail to defend criminal illegal immigrants in her community.

Schaaf broke the law and obstructed justice, and she may finally be held accountable for her disgusting and anti-American actions.

This is just the latest scathing example of how far anti-Trump, left-wing lawmakers are willing to go to resist following the law.