Support for Democrats among millennials is down 10% since January. Support for Democrats among African-Americans is down 20%.

Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call via Getty Images

A new poll from Zogby Analytics — not exactly a Republican polling company — shows the so-called “Blue Wave” may be collapsing, and trust eroding in Democratic legislators, especially among millennials and minorities.

According to the Washington Examiner, Zogby reports a decline in trust in Democrats among key groups going into the 2018 midterm elections, particularly in the areas of national security and the economy. President Donald Trump shows a commanding lead over Democrats among voters concerned about the economy, and a slight lead over Democrats among voters concerned about national security.

“[S]upport for Democrats is down among millennials, blacks, and so-called Walmart and NASCAR voters,” Zogby reports — all key constituencies the Democrats require to retake the House and Senate in November — and the declines are significant. Democrats have “lost more than 10% of support among voters aged 18-50, 14 percent among Millennials aged 18-29” and have lost more than 20% of support among African-Americans during the same time period.

Overall, support for Democrats has declined, generally, by four points, from 44% to 40% over the course of several months.

This is all good news for Republicans, though the polls don’t show any significant increase in support for the GOP. Democrats are still expected to pick up seats in November — a foregone conclusion, typically, for the outsider party in the first election after a presidential switch — but the Democrats may not be in a favorable position to make major gains in areas where Donald Trump remains popular.

These numbers could also mean bad news for statewide elections and gubernatorial elections in places like the Rust Belt.

The poll is good news for Donald Trump. It shows that voters are responding to his economic and national security messages, despite those positions being regularly called “too extreme” by leftist observers.