ByJoseph Curl

Everybody loves Rob Lowe. Sure, he’s had his scandals, but he’s been married to his first wife since 1991 (an amazing feat in Hollywood), has two children he dotes over, and has been clean and sober for 28 years as of last Friday (we only know this because we follow him on Twitter).

And who doesn’t love Chris Traeger, his wonderfully optimistic and childlike character on “Parks And Recreation”?

But the timeless Lowe (how is that guy really 54?!) drew scorn — at least from the Left — when he committed a heinous crime: visiting the White House. On Friday, Lowe (who also starred in “West Wing” as Sam Seaborn, a deputy White House Communications Director) dropped in at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. There, he met White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, who posted a photo on Twitter.

While there were plenty of nice messages about the photo — including one that urged Lowe to “run,” presumably for office — the Left went bonkers.