Mostly jihadis killed in Gaza border conflict

According to Hamas, 50 Hamas members were killed during their terror attempt to breach the Israeli border.

The other 12 that Hamas claimed to have died appear to be some of the children that Hamas encouraged people to bring to the “Great Return March” to overtake Israel and massacre Israelis.

Through the terrifying attempt to breach the Israeli border, Hamas terrorists achieved significant destruction only half a mile from Israeli homes. They have thrown rocks and explosives, released firebomb kites into Israeli towns with swastikas on them (because they want to burn “the Jews,” they explained to NPR), used wire cutters and rope to tear down the Israeli border fence, burned tires to create black smoke to conceal their actions and create difficult sights for the Israeli military, threw molotov cocktails to burn down Israeli farms, burned their own gas lines, displayed fake handicapped victims, and of course used children as shields.

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