Trump reversing catch-and-release policy under Obama


The Trump administration is seeking more detention space for illegals as part of its plan to stop “catch-and-release.”

In particular, Homeland Security will refer adults to the Justice Dept. for prosecution whereas the children accompanying border crossers are handed over to HHS for temporary custody.

HHS is currently reviewing extra space at US military bases in Arkansas and Texas to temporarily house the children.

“Every law enforcement agency in this country separates parents from children when they are arrested for a crime,” said ICE Deputy Director Tom Homan. “One, when we can’t establish that it’s the parent and [therefore] that child is being trafficked.”

“Children have been abused by alien smuggler organizations — we have numerous cases about that — so we need to ensure that person claiming to be a parent is a parent.”

“[Two], we’ve got intelligence that alien smuggling organizations are making children available to single adults so that they can come and claim to be a family unit and not be detained.”

This loophole existed under the “catch-and-release” program under the Obama administration in which family units were released in the US by federal agents after receiving a summits to appear for immigration court.

But as Infowars reported in 2014, released illegals were getting court dates scheduled over three years into the future, and 90% of them who missed their court dates were rarely prosecuted anyway.

Border Patrol agents under the Obama administration were effectively completing the smuggling process by catching illegals smuggled across the border and then releasing them in the US.

Now, however, under the Trump administration, the Justice Dept. will prosecute all illegal border crossers, which is why the agency has sent more federal judges to the border to quickly deport illegals who don’t qualify for asylum, which accounts for around 80% of all cases.