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Kanye West Urges Fans To Put Down Cell Phones, Shares 4-Hour Long Documentary

Kanye uses his platform to spread some knowledge.

By Alex Zidel

In the last month, Kanye West has acted questionably on his Twitter account, acting out in support of Donald Trump and going on long-winded tirades about literally anything. As he has now quieted down to focus on his work on several upcoming albums, Ye took a break from the studio to preach about cell phone usage and our dependence on technology. The “Blood on the Leaves” singer has a point but his method of sharing the statement is, once again, a little confusing.

The rapper took to Twitter to take on the idea of consumerism, sharing a four-hour long documentary named The Century of the Self, which focuses on Sigmund Freud’s nephew, Edward Bernays, capitalizing on his uncle’s philosophies to “create modern-day consumerism.” According to Ye, Bernays once masterminded a plan for companies to sell more cigarettes during a time when they were not used in public. On top of his notes on a consumerist culture, West urged his fans to consider our collective addiction to our cell phones, tweeting, “Google dopamine,” referring to a chemical naturally released by our brains that makes us feel good when a notification pops up on our phones.

If Kanye has time to watch an entire 4-hour documentary, hopefully, it signals that all five albums are finished. With the rollout beginning with Pusha T‘s project this Friday, Ye doesn’t have much more time to work so if he’s not yet finished, he better get to work!


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