Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “The Ingraham Angle,” pollster Frank Luntz said the unpopularity of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) could mean Republicans keep the House majority in November’s midterms.

When asked about the generic congressional vote numbers tightening in favor of Republicans, Luntz said, “I have been tracking this on a weekly basis going back now for a year and a half, and these are the best numbers the GOP had in the last year. One of the reasons is that women, working women, women with children, have begun to leave the Democratic party. It’s not they are pro-Republican, but what they see among the Democrats is the negativity that turned them off in previous elections. Second is that Nancy Pelosi is simply the least popular credible figure in the Democratic party right now. She is more unpopular than Hillary and Chuck Schumer.”

He continued, “If Republicans could find some way to engineer a vote over who would be Speaker of the House in January of 2019, if they could engineer that vote, I would be prepared to say right now that the Republicans would keep the majority, because there are so many people out there—swing voters—who do not want Pelosi as Speaker that one action would make a difference.”

He added, “If the GOP can get a ‘Pelosi vote’ and energize their base, then they will keep the majority.”