Actor Robert De Niro made headlines last week when he publicly banned President Donald Trump from his high-end sushi restaurant and hotel chain, Nobu.

Now the White House is hitting back.

What did the White House say?

White House deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley told the Fox Business Network on Friday that De Niro’s ban means nothing because the president had no plans to grace De Niro’s chain anytime soon.

“I don’t think the President is planning on attending a dinner at Nobu anytime soon,” Gidley said.

“Look, Hollywood people grandstand all the time, they’re elitists. They don’t know anything about what this president is doing for the American people and they couldn’t care less,” he added. “And quite frankly, he can go to many of his properties around the country and globe. He won’t be stopping at Nobu anytime soon.”

De Niro owns Nabu with acclaimed chef Nobu Matsuhisa. They have 39 locations worldwide, including 15 in the United States.

What else did De Niro say?

The actor’s hatred of Trump is so strong that he said he would promptly leave any restaurant Trump entered.