A ‘blue alert’ has been issued to residents across the state.


Faces are long and outrage is high in Tennessee after a sheriff’s deputy was shot today. The search for the shooter is still underway and police in Dickson County are not going to rest until he is found, as Fox News reports.

The Tennessean has likewise confirmed that “when the deputy responded to a report of a stolen vehicle in Kingston Springs,” the suspect and he got into an “altercation” over the matter. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has informed the public that the culprit is named Steven Wiggins and is “a white male with balding, brown hair.” The manhunt is underway as the true scope of the crime becomes known, largely from what some have called Obama’swar on the police.”

Currently, reward money of $2,500 is being offered to anyone who gives information that leads to his capture.

A “Blue Alert” manhunt has been issued for Wiggins. This solidified that an officer had been killed or wounded when dealing with the suspect.

TBI spokesman Josh Devine has admitted that this is the second Blue Alert issued since July 2011.

With such a massive search underway, it can not be imagined that the suspect will be on the lam for very long. Typically, in such cases, the gunman is found quite rapidly, a situation that locals hope to be the case now.

As Fox News has compiled, so far, “at least 37 law enforcement officers across the U.S. have died while on duty — with 24 of the deaths caused by gunfire” since the start of this year.

While car theft is certainly a serious crime, to think that a man lost his life over a vehicle is a sign of the fallen society and the woes of modern times. Not only did Wiggins not appear to honor the officer’s life, he did not display much love for his own life, which is now as good as over regardless of if he lives or dies.

As the manhunt intensifies, hopefully, more lawmen will not be injured.

As it stands, no one can be too sure of that.