Blatant hypocrisy shows why America doesn’t trust MSM

While the media writes about conspiracies concerning Melania Trump’s health, they totally ignore multiple videos of Hillary Clinton tripping, collapsing and seemingly wearing a back brace under a heavy coat and scarf in 90-degree weather.

Several mainstream media outlets covered the theories being pushed online after the White House was silent on Melania’s status for two weeks after her minor surgery.

CNN reported Wednesday, “Melania Trump has not been seen in public for 20 days now. Her last appearance was on May 10, alongside President Donald Trump as he greeted three American hostages returning from North Korea.”

Some of the rumors for her “disappearance” are that she moved back to New York, that she is writing a book about POTUS, or that she’s cooperating with special counsel Robert Mueller.

Melania addressed the issue and blasted the media for covering the allegations in a tweet Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the MSM calls anyone who questions Hillary Clinton’s health a conspiracy theorist despite several videos and pictures documenting her tripping and fainting in public.

In the last few weeks, Clinton has been seen wearing bulky coats and scarfs in summer weather as an object some think is a back brace bulges out of her jacket.

See Hillary stumble through her 2016 presidential campaign below!