CNN’s White House Correspondent Jim Acosta was caught on video in the midst of a “meltdown” when the Secret Service didn’t recognize him on Wednesday. 

The Wired Sources reporter who posted the video, Michael J. Morrison, wrote that Acosta was “having a meltdown at Secret Service for not recognizing him despite the fact that he’s been there for 5 years. We captured part of it on video.”

Morrison told The Gateway Pundit that Acosta had walked from the South Lawn into the White House without his credentials around his neck so the Secret Service stopped him.

“He started getting pissed that they didn’t know him. By the time I got my camera out he was already ‘cooling down,’” Morrison explained.

Though the video only caught the tail end of the exchange, it is clear that the entitled Acosta did not feel the need to bother wearing his credentials.

“I’ve been here five years and nobody has said that to me,” Acosta says as he walks away, clearly defeated.

Unfortunately for Acosta, the real White House rules still apply to the Fake News media.