Source: Dail Mail

The number of people preparing for some form of societal collapse continues to grow and it is often the most unlikeliest of people.

Best-selling author, preparedness expert and former military survival instructor, Jonathan Hollerman has been running a successful preparedness consultancy agency for the past five years.

He now advises clients over the phone for $150/hour about the best way to prepare their own home for disaster, to designing and building entire off-grid survival retreats from scratch. He also performs operational security analysis for existing survival retreats for $1,000 per day.

Jonathan enlisted in the military for six years until 2002, where he trained as a SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape) instructor, one of only 17 graduates out of an 8,000 applicants.

Jonathan says that, despite a negative portrayal in the media, people in the prepping community are normal, everyday people who just want to protect their families in the event of some form of societal collapse.

‘Anybody that’s a prepper, the media always paint them as an extremist, conspiracy theorist wearing a tin foil hat in a bunker with a beard living off rice and beans,’ he says

‘I can tell you right now I’ve had hundreds and hundreds of clients that I’ve worked with over the last four or five years, and I’ve never met a crazy person yet. Every single person I’ve met has been blue collar, white collar, a normal sane individual that you could go to a restaurant, sit down and have a normal conversation with.