Snopes has been caught lying for a Democrat politician again, attempting to brush a damaging pedophilia scandal under the carpet, endangering the safety of young girls, and proving that it is willing to mislead its readers in order to advance the cause of the Democratic Party establishment.

This is the final nail in the coffin for Snopes. The embattled “fact checking” website has now been exposed as a political PR operation, raising serious questions about their future as a Facebook and Google certified arbiter of truth, with Facebook refusing to confirm they will be retaining Snopes as a “trusted partner”.

In February this year, Michael Saari, a Michigan Democrat politician currently running for Congress, posted derogatory Facebook comments about the judge who sentenced osteopath Larry Nassar in the sexual abuse of hundreds of American gymnasts.

As part of a Facebook discussion in response to the sentencing, Mr. Saari defended the convicted pedophile and condemned the judge who found him guilty. His comments included the following:

Judge was wrong for her personal vocal opinions on record… That should be a crime against jurisprudence itself… Lastly, what do you think this feminazi judge would say if her husband asked for a BJ?

His comments angered many Facebook users, including some who combed through his older posts and found that Mr. Saari had been posting pro-pedophilia comments on his personal Facebook page for years, including sharing his belief that it is “normal” for adult men to marry and have sex with pre-pubescent girls.

According to screen shots Mr. Saari’s posts included: