This week, CNN “New Day” co-host Alisyn Camerota compared Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign to MS-13 during a segment on the FBI’s secret source that the bureau allegedly used to gather information on the Trump campaign.

The segment featured Matt Schlapp, chairman of the American Conservative Union, who took issue with the bureau’s alleged actions, equating the informant to a spy, NTK Network reported.

“When the FBI uses a source in MS-13 to find out what they’re doing is that a spy or is that a source and informant to figure out what MS-13 is doing?” Camerota asked.

“If you’re going to equate, I would call it spying,” Schlapp responded.

“Hold on, so they’re spying on MS-13,” Camerota responded. “Do you want the FBI to try to figure out when…”

“Donald Trump is not MS-13, Alisyn!” Schlapp shot back. “MS-13 is a gang that creates havoc in our society. Donald Trump was the duly nominated Republican candidate.”