Former Secret Service agent reveals parasites in DC swamp

President Trump quoted former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino who blasted ex-CIA Director John Brennan as a “liar.”

The former Secret Service agent turned radio host told Fox & Friends that Brennan had been caught lying before, and yet he keeps lying.

“Not only is he a liar. He is a liar about being a liar… he has already busted lying,” said Bongino. “He said he didn’t know about the dossier.”

“Yet, he briefed people up on the hill about elements of the dossier that then appeared in a letter to the FBI. He is lying. He is just making this up.”

Bongino also called the Russian probe a “scam investigation,” which the president highlighted in another tweet.

And on Fox & Friends, Bongino said “we are getting worked. Worked with a capital W” when it came to the total cost of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe.

“You are getting screwed so badly – the American people – by this sham investigation. I have never seen anything like it.”

The probe has found Russian collusion, however: collusion with Democrats, Bongino pointed out.

“We now know that there is Russian collusion with the Clintons and the Democrats, but Bob Mueller’s investigating Donald Trump for it, number one,” said Bongiono. “Number two, the Mueller probe team is stacked with anti-Trumpers, two of whom are lawyers. This is a fact by the way.”

“I encourage anyone to look this up, who actually represented people before hand in the Clinton sphere. They represented Clintontonians involved in the case. This is a total scam. Everybody is getting worked.”