Jeremiah Johnson

One of the weaknesses we hold as a species is the ability to allow a threat to “dull” in our consciousness merely because of the passage of time. A threat passes, and hunter-gatherer man turns toward another threat and thoughts of the first problem are relegated to memory…where they spin cobwebs and are eventually deleted. The problem, in our case, is the surveillance state was clearly exposed and detailed in the documentary “Citizenfour,” back in 2015, when Edward Snowden (to his cost, not his enrichment) had the guts to expose what was being done to the American people.

Since then, the State has clearly kept moving in the direction of increasing surveillance and a corresponding decrease in our individual liberties. The Constitution has been all but gutted, and to paraphrase Churchill, Republicans and Democrats are conspiring to bring forth a new form of gun control via confiscation: this according to reports by former Congressman Ron Paul.  You can read more in an article released last week by The Free Thought Project written by Matt Agorist entitled Ron Paul: Republicans, Democrats Teaming Up for Federal Gun Confiscation Bill.”

If this does not alarm you, it should. The article also cites the NBC News release of 2/28/18, in which President Trump was quoted directly as stating, “I like taking the guns early…Take the guns first, go through due process second.”

Another important article surfaced on 5/30/18 entitled “Red List Round Up Warned of by Courageous Police Officer Would be Part of Globalists’ ‘Final Solution’ for America,” by Stefan Stanford of All News Pipeline. The article brilliantly summarizes the activities that have been in the forefront of the creation of the U.S. Surveillance State and the loss of individual freedom. Stefan, along with Susan Duclos, has been tireless and undaunted in the face of government and corporate censorship and attacks of Independent News Media in their quest to spread the truth.

Jon Robberson with the Hagmann Report is cited within the article as mentioning the “Overton Window” concept, something I have also been writing about for years. The paradigm shift to the left/Statism/collectivism/globalism has been happening for years. The shift is toward totalitarianism, or communism, but even worse. More Draconian, highly refined. They have been forcing the leftist agenda on us for years, and then allowing a “reprieve” or a “Potemkin” victory that is nothing more than a sham…with the shift being completed on schedule and also continuing.

Here are a few things mentioned in the documentary “Citizenfour” in the words of Edward Snowden that bear keeping in mind:

[Snowden said this to director Laura Poitras, a journalist subjected to government scrutiny and airport search after making a documentary on the Iraq war]:  “The surveillance you’ve experienced means you’ve been “selected” – a term which will mean more to you as you learn about how the modern SIGINT system works.

For now, know that every border you cross, every purchase you make, every call that you dial, every cell phone tower you pass, friend you keep, article you write, site you visit, subject line you type, and packet you route is in the hands of a system whose reach is unlimited but whose safeguards are not…We are building the greatest weapon for oppression in the history of man, yet its directors exempt themselves from accountability.”

In addition, William Binney, a 37-year NSA analyst and former soldier came out and said this in the documentary:

“…9/11 happened…right after, a few days, no more than a week…that they decided to begin actively spying on everyone in this country. [The U.S.]”

The move toward total surveillance is happening. Every week, the people…the complacent populace…loses more liberty and has more restrictions placed around the necks. The taxes continue…the fleecing of the sheep continues…propping up a “faux” economy one step from implosion. Keep everything in order: the politicos at the top and their oligarchic partners [to rule you], the press and the pulpits [to fool you], and finally the cops/gendarmes and military [to shoot you].  And what is the objective of the Sleestaks?

To maintain the existing economic, religious, and political social order, and to ensure conformity of thought and action, and obedience from cradle to grave.

Let’s throw out a few points more to be considered regarding these elements:

  1. Independent Media is being butchered and crushed. Now they’re beginning to inflict “reforms” from the EU (European Union) rules on Internet conduct and reporting on the Independent Media. Let’s not forget that Obama gave away U.S. control of the Internet to ICANN, with a headquarters in Beijing and a “Conga Line” of lovely nations to control it to pave the way for eventual complete censorship in this country over the Internet and Independent Media.
  2. All of the rumblings and tunneling reported throughout the U.S? What could that be? Simple  The very thing they shut down Jesse Ventura over: the DUMB’s (Deep Underground Military Bases), and the creation of subterranean underground causeways to link up these key points. Here is why: either an upcoming catastrophe (natural) that they know about, or one they will “coax” to occur (such as a nuke tossed into Yellowstone, or HAARP used on the San Andreas Fault, for instance), or the most likely of all…a war and/or devastating plague. The smiling politicos, oligarchs, armed guards/soldiery, and utilitarian populace to be spared (doctors, scientists, engineers, etc.) will be safe and sound on your tax dollars…while the rest of the world burns. They can’t afford an “Elysium,” but this will do…and it’s been in progress for decades.
  3. Bill Gates and his associates and their 500-satellites to place complete surveillance over the surface of the earth.
  4. DARPA and the military bids to build autonomous robots that can hunt down and engage targets (that means to kill)

What is the end game?  Why, to preserve the existing order…until the time comes to go underground, unleash the cataclysm, and when it’s all finished send out the robots to mop up the survivors.  They’ll then emerge akin to the Phoenix, just as is documented on the murals of the Denver airport…and control the brave, new world.

Snowden warned us, and it has progressed since then. Every day, every week, we see how they juggle the votes among our “representatives,” with Republicans and Democrats pushing tyranny, and one or two dissenters (to assure it is visible to the public and enable their reelection). We’re in the last stages of it and do not have a lot of time. In order for it to be reversed, a lot more people need to get involved, spread the word, and make others aware before it’s too late.