Media throws ‘Pocahontas’ under bus in favor of Deb Haaland

Elizabeth Warren Outed: MSM Claims First Possible Native American Congresswoman

Reports Wednesday claimed Democrat Deb Haaland could be the first Native American congresswoman in history after she won a New Mexico district primary Tuesday night.

Haaland herself, a Pueblo of Laguna tribe member, told ABC News she would be the first Native American congresswoman since the nation’s founding.

“In 230 years, there’s never been a Native American woman in Congress. I have never seen myself in that body of our government. Ten years ago, when I was out in Indian country knocking on doors and driving folks to the polls, I never thought I would run for Congress,” she said.

Numerous mainstream outlets praised Haaland’s win Tuesday night, saying she could be the first Native American congresswoman.

Of course, the media’s claims don’t square with Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren’s claims of Native American heritage – something that wasn’t lost on Twitter users.

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