ByRyan Saavedra

CNN senior media reporter Brian Stelter was brutally mocked for another embarrassing display of denying his own hyper-partisan reporting on Wednesday when he attacked President Donald Trump over a tweet that called out the media for spreading conspiracy theories about where Melania Trump was in the days following her surgery.

In two tweets, Trump slammed the media for their reporting on Melania’s whereabouts, suggesting that they intentionally distorted the truth because “it would hurt the sick narrative.”

Stelter, a documented conspiracy theorist, immediately jumped on the bandwagon to attack Trump for his claim despite the fact that he aired a segment on CNN days earlier and lied about the situation.

Hundreds of accounts on Twitter quickly pointed out to Stelter that he pushed the debunked conspiracy theory and lied about it, referencing this tweet:

Here are some of the best responses to Stelter’s absolute nonsense: