He wants them to be able to bar citizens from owning firearms via petitions


To say that the generally left-leaning state of New York is unfriendly to gun rights is an understatement, especially given legislation like the ‘SAFE’ Act and other steps taken by the state to restrict the right to keep and bear arms.

However, now Governor Andrew Cuomo is using the recent school shootings in Florida and Texas to push even more absurd regulations against people who dare to own firearms in his state. He wants teachers to have a say in who can and can’t keep their firearms at home. To some, it simply seems like he’s providing power to more government-‘approved liberals’ to help with firearm confiscations.

As with so many states around the nation, New York is pushing to modify its ‘red flag’ laws, hoping to enable family and others to file petitions with various courts to strip that person of various rights.

Among those rights, of course, is the right to keep and bear arms.

Cuomo proposed legislation that would make it even easier for someone to raise a ‘red flag’ on a student. However, he also proposed giving teachers the right to petition to have firearms removed from a student’s house.

He complained that as New York’s red flag laws are currently written, teachers cannot demand that law enforcement authorities remove firearms from a student’s home. He wants to give them that power.

Make no mistake, that power would provide leftist teachers in the state of New York with the ability to not just remove firearms from the possession of a student, but from their parents’ possession, even if there is no indication that the parents are doing anything wrong or untoward.

To quote Cuomo himself, the bill “gives them a vehicle” to do something about students who they ‘suspect’ are a risk.

Of course, the New York governor completely ignores that there are many things that a teacher could do to make sure students don’t get their hands on firearms, including simply letting their parents know that they are worried.

Apparently, to the mind of the leftists in the state, the better answer is to confiscate legally-owned firearms from law-abiding citizens simply because a teacher thinks that their kid might do something.

Teachers tend to lean heavily to the left, as do their unions. Giving them this sort of arbitrary power would allow teachers to use it, most likely anonymously, to harass people with whom they disagree politically, or even simply because the teachers dislike someone’s child.

Those living in the state who own the ever-shrinking number of legal firearms in the state can be thankful, however, that thus far it seems like the proposed law will face an uphill battle.

Thankfully, the New York State Senate (which has a republican majority, currently), recently rejected the idea of such a ‘red flag’ provision while debating the budget.

However, the Senate Judiciary Committee, as well as the democrat-‘led’ assembly, already passed a ‘red flag bill.’

This bill does allow firearm rights to be stripped away. It limits the right to petition for the removal of firearms to family members, household members, police officers, and prosecutors, at least for now.

According to State Senator Brian Kavanagh, a democrat from Manhattan, the bill would prevent a ‘school-age’ child from being able to purchase a firearm, or from possession of a firearm, under the state’s ‘extreme risk protection orders.’

Both New York and federal law currently make it illegal for a ‘school-age child’ to purchase a firearm in the state, so that seems like a moot point.

New York firearms laws are some of the most restrictive in the nation, and the state is infamous for its willingness to curtail its citizen’s rights to keep and bear arms, even outside of the extremely-liberal New York City.

It’s strange that the state would be so worried about a ‘mass shooting,’ especially given the restrictive nature of their laws on firearm ownership. After all, liberals keep blaming evil black ‘assault rifles’ for those mass shootings, and the state of New York enforced a law to ensure that there will be no new sales of such weapons.

The idea that adults should be punished for their children’s conduct is a silly one, and the fact that Cuomo thinks this is a workable, or even a good idea is very telling of how little he cares about constitutional rights.

Thankfully, as stated earlier, it seems very unlikely that his proposed regulations will ever become law.