It’s not a ‘one world government,’ more like a ‘single community throughout the world.’


Whoever has the gold makes the rules, and those rules get made at the annual Bilderberg Conference. Tomorrow, 131 delegates from 23 countries will converge on a posh Turin, Italy resort.

Half of this year’s topics are devoted to coaxing a genie back into the bottle that they themselves unleashed. If they can’t, the globalists want to hire their magic genie back from President Donald Trump before the upcoming mid-term elections.

The elite opened the door to serve their own interests, creating a “post-truth” world where facts are now secondary to emotions.

Pontius Pilate would have received an invitation to this year’s meeting if he were still around. They could use his opinion. His “what is truth?” remark became the key globalist strategy that has now blown up in their faces.

“To say we were striving for a one-world government is exaggerated, but not wholly unfair,” longtime steering committee member Denis Healey once said. “Those of us in Bilderberg felt we couldn’t go on forever fighting one another for nothing. We felt that a single community throughout the world would be a good thing.”

There’s the key difference. “One world government” sounds bad while “a single community” sounds harmless. A trick of semantics, which leftist know how to exploit perfectly.

President Trump saw the light shining through the crack in the already open door, then kicked it in hard.

Bilderberg topics of “Populism in Europe,” “fake news,” “free trade,” “the ‘post-truth’ world,” and “the US world leadership” are all another way of saying “what can we do about Donald Trump’s out of control” popularity?

CNBC news notes, “the arrival of President Donald Trump in the White House has thrown out the old way of doing politics and heralded a renegade style of politics.”

Love for your country is based on emotion, not fact. Post-truth politics works through continued repetition of talking points, even if they are not true. If a study or an expert refutes the talking points with facts, ignore them. Optionally, you can produce counter facts.

As Jack Holmes of Esquire puts it, “if you don’t know what’s true, you can say whatever you want and it’s not a lie.” As long as the American people keep believing in President Trump’s patriotism, there is nothing the global puppet-masters can do to stop it.

If Americans start taking back control, other countries may follow suit. British citizens may start demanding an end to Sharia courts. French citizens could pick up their pitchforks and demand a wall to keep migrants out.

Since 1954, the annual Bilderberg meeting has been “renowned for its secretive content.” A third of the attendees come from North America and the rest from Europe.

Bilderberg is meant to “foster dialogue between Europe and North America.” Those in the rest of the world are left peeking through the fences.

The only way to get in the door is if the steering committee sends you an invitation. Big name politicians and industrialists rubbing elbows informally for this year’s four-day conference include Henry Kissinger and former Central Intelligence Agency Director David Petraeus.

Jens Stoltenberg, who used to be NATO’s Secretary General, will be chatting with Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leory and CEO of Airbus Thomas Enders. The full list was released on the Bilderberg website.

What happens at Bilderberg stays at Bilderberg. A full list of this year’s topics was published on the website but that is all that will ever come out officially.

The NH Lingotto Congress Hotel is rumored to be hosting the meeting. “A sleek, historic and modern spot with views of the Alps and a spectacular rooftop attraction which once involved race cars.”

All of the discussions are totally informal, no reports are issued and no recommendations are made. It is touted as a chance for those in power to speak freely in private before crafting policy in public.

After those meeting in Turin figure out what to do about President Trump, the next group of topics revolves around their second biggest threat, automation. “The inequality challenge,” “the future of work,” “artificial intelligence,” and “quantum computing” are all on the agenda.

Ever since the dawn of the industrial revolution, “automation always led to new jobs.” Now, self-service kiosks are replacing minimum wage workers.

“Artificial intelligence is getting so good,” one researcher observes, “that those who are at the bottom end of the IQ bell curve are permanently out-competed. They will never be able to work again.”

Bill Gates proposed taxing robots and distributing the cash to displaced humans. Socialism at its finest.

Another set of alternate facts thrown out on the table is the idea that robots don’t actually take human jobs, they free the human to do other things. For example, bank tellers are terrified they will be replaced by a camera and some magnetic ink.

Bank executives who noticed how nervous lower level employees are getting are quick to offer reassurance.

“Tasks such as counting money, reading checks and gathering financial data about corporate borrowers haven’t been done by humans in years but employment levels at the bank have remained fairly constant,” a Bank of America spokesman claims.

The hard part is explaining those facts to an emotional teller after she was fired in favor of a robot. The bank hired a programmer to tend the robot, so they have the same number of employees but the teller is still out of a job, and without skills to compete.

Who knows what the meeting will really entail, but it most certainly won’t be good for the individual liberty of free men.