The panel on Thursday’s edition of MSNBC’s The Daily Beat with Ari Melber spent more than ten minutes overreacting to comments made by Fox News’s Sean Hannity on his show Hannity Wednesday night. Hannity jokingly advised witnesses in the Mueller probe, who have been asked to turn in their phones to Special Counsel Robert Mueller: “Use bleach bit, remove the SIM cards and then take the pieces and hand it over to Robert Mueller and say Hillary Rodham Clinton, this is equal justice under the law.” Former Federal Prosecutor Joyce Vance took his comments way too seriously; suggesting that Mueller should bring in Hannity for questioning and slamming the Fox News host for his “reprehensible conduct.”

Hannity brought up this point multiple times on his show Wednesday night. At the beginning of his opening monologue, he brought up Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s demand that “all witnesses turn over their phones so his merry band of Hillary-supporting and Trump-hating sycophants can comb through private communications.” Hannity then asked, “Are these witnesses going to be allowed to follow the Clinton model? Are they going to be allowed to delete, bleach bit, remove the SIM cards and bust them up with hammers? Interesting thought, I doubt it.”


By Ryan Foley

Hannity made these points in an effort to underscore the “two-tiered justice system,” where Hillary Clinton and her associates got away with this type of behavior when it came to her private e-mail server but someone who does not have her political power and/or policy positions would face much stronger consequences.  Wednesday night’s program also focused quite a bit on the upcoming report from The Inspector General of the Department of Justice, which will likely implicate several officials at the FBI and Department of Justice for improper behavior during the Clinton e-mail investigation.

Not surprisingly, the Trump-haters at MSNBC did not play the clip where Hannity made it perfectly clear he was joking.  Later in the episode, as he was having a discussion with panelists Gregg Jarrett and Sara Carter, Hannity said “Mueller wants everyone’s cell phones. My advice to them, not really, kidding, bad advice, would be, follow Hillary’s you know, lead… Delete them, acid-wash them, bust them up and take out the SIM cards and say here little pieces, here Mr. Mueller, here, I’m following Hillary’s lead.”  What part of “not really, kidding, bad advice” do Hannity’s counterparts in the left-wing media not understand?



The fact that Melber chose to lead his show with this story underscores just how unhinged the media has become as a result of Trump Derangement Syndrome. They will do anything to take down President Trump and his supporters. In addition to suggesting that Mueller should talk to Hannity, Vance encouraged Fox News to “perhaps impose some sanctions on Hannity for this conduct” but ultimately admitted that he will not likely face any prosecution, as “Federal prosecutors give people a very wide berth on First Amendment-related conduct.”

While the media will continue to obsess over the Mueller investigation, the Inspector General’s report, due out next week, will shed some light on the FBI and Justice Department’s handling of the Clinton e-mail investigation. Don’t expect the media to cover this story with the same passion that they cover the Russia probe.