(CNSNews.com) – Contrary to speculative reports from liberal media outlets, former Trump attorney Michael Cohen is not cooperating with prosecutors in the Southern District of New York, current Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani told Fox News’s Laura Ingraham Wednesday night.

I checked into this last night. It’s not so, he’s not cooperating, nor do we care because the president did nothing wrong. We’re very comfortable if he cooperates, but there’s nothing he can cooperate about with regard to President Trump. I am absolutely certain of that, from everything I know about that investigation, including the things that Rosenstein said to President Trump himself, that he’s not involved in that investigation.

My concern is that the Mueller investigation now is going on interminably, and I think it is reflected in public opinion. Public opinion is disgusted with — How about he’s wasted $20 million. And maybe he (Mueller) should put out an interim report and maybe he should tell us what he’s got on collusion. They don’t have anything on collusion.

Obstruction of justice is really, totally negated by Article II of the Constitution. The president can fire anybody he wants for any reason he wants. They can’t even inquire about that. I don’t know what he’s got left. He’s harassing Michael Cohen, the Manafort case looks like it’s falling apart.

Giuliani repeated something he’s said before, that a sitting president cannot be indicted, and he suggested that Mueller “just get it over with.”

“He’s gotten 1.4 million documents, 32 witnesses, we’ve raised no executive privilege about any of it, unlike Clinton, unlike Nixon. He’s got the material from which to write a report right now. Except the report would say no evidence of collusion on the part of President Trump.”

Ingraham noted that Mueller wants to explore Trump’s state of mind, but Giuliani said it’s not going to happen:

“He’s not getting the president on any kind of obstruction of justice questioning. It’s just not going to happen. His (Mueller’s) whole theory is cockamamie. His whole theory is, I can interpret. The president had five reasons (for firing FBI Director James Comey), all of which were legitimate, plus an Article II immunity to do what he’s doing. And I (Mueller) think he really did it for a corrupt reason. So I’m going to recommend that he did something wrong,” Giuliani said, speaking for Mueller.

“Plus his main witness there is Comey. And I don’t know the Horowitz report in detail, I think it will be a tough one, it’s 500 pages.”

Giuliani said President Trump will see the long-awaited Justice Department inspector-general report today (Thursday).

“I hope he gets an unedited version of it without all the excising that they do, because I think that’s where the juicy stuff will be,” Giuliani said. “You and I may not get to see that, we can guess at it. But, at a minimum, we know already from the leaks … that it’s going to criticizing him heavily for his first Hillary press conference, for his second Hillary press conference.

“He (Comey) usurped the responsibility of the attorney general…he became the attorney general. He’s not the attorney general. He is the director of the FBI, and it’s like the chief detective deciding whether to prosecute or not.”

Giuliani also noted that the FBI wrote the report exonerating Hillary Clinton for her mishandling of government emails two months before they even questioned her.

“I asked Mueller when we met with him, will you do that for us? How about writing the report now?” Giuliani said. “He said, no, no. That would be an improper investigation.”