CNN’s Jim Acosta disgraced himself and his network by heckling President Trump.


Jim Acosta burned his press card on live television Monday. The CNN reporter made a total disgrace of himself and his network by heckling both President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un. Not just once, but repeatedly. He even had the audacity to spoil the historic North Korea Peace signing ceremony itself. A hot microphone caught Acosta admitting his egotistically childish behavior was intentional.

Fox News reported that the “Trump-bashing newsman” not only “hollered” at Trump, he had the nerve to “shout” his “grandstanding questions” at Kim Jong Un. Brad Parscale, President Trump’s campaign manager, tweeted what is on the minds of every conservative. “Jim @Acosta should immediately have his press credentials suspended. He is an absolute disgrace!”

After seeing some of what was flying back at him through the “Twittersphere,” Acosta shot off a Tweet of his own. “Democracy… drink it in people.”

They put “Democracy” flavored “Kool-Aid” in the CNN water coolers and Acosta has been slurping it down for way too long. Kim Jong Un is a Dictator and America never was a Democracy.

We are a “Republic” because mob rule is tryannical, ignorant, and ineffective. We’re supposed to elect “leaders” like President Trump. We haven’t had a true leader in so long, it’s no wonder people think we’re under majority rule.

Upset at being shut out of a closed-door meeting, Acosta plotted retaliation. “Hey, if they’re not gonna let me in the [profanity] meeting, that’s what happens,” a live microphone captured Acosta bragging. Now, the left-leaning cry-baby is about to learn “what happens next.”

As tales of Acosta’s outrageously unethical behavior are making the rounds of his peers in the Washington press corps, one theme stands out in comment threads. Yank his press card. Now.

“Jim Acosta just asked ‘Can you talk about Otto Warmbier’ while Trump and Kim signed their joint document. Ruthless,” Austin Vesely posted. “You yelled it out at a completely inappropriate time. You’re a disgrace,” tweeted Mike (@Chi_Mike).

Gunnar Ericsson added “I can’t believe @CNN still employs Jim Acosta. Never seen such an unprofessional ‘reporter.’”

Acosta’s feud with President Trump started back in January of 2017 when President Trump responded to his incessant hounding by responding “You’re fake news.”

On Monday, Trump met privately with Kim. Only their translators were in the room. After that, there was a meeting that included a small handful of officials from both sides. All of the press, not just Acosta, were kept outside.

As the two leaders came out of the meeting they walked to a balcony and waved to the gallery. Acosta can be heard shouting questions at President Trump and asking Kim Jong Un, “will you give up your nuclear weapons, sir?”

Inside, during the signing ceremony itself, Acosta waited until President Trump picked up his pen to sign and shouted “Mr. President, did we agree to denuclearize?” Trump looked up from the document to respond. “Starting that process very quickly, very, very, quickly. Absolutely.”

That wasn’t enough for Acosta. He had to ask if the leaders “had discussed Otto Warmbier,” referring to the young man who passed away shortly after being released from North Korean detention. President Trump let the obviously vicious barb slide on by without a response.

Later, at the official press conference, Acosta was just as obnoxious. President Trump graciously acknowledged Acosta for a question but admonished him to be civil. “Go ahead. Be nice. Be respectful,” he warned Acosta.

Acosta’s totally unprofessional tirade was the only blemish on the joyous occasion. For the first time in history, an American President sat down with North Korea’s leader for direct talks. President Trump accomplished in less than a year what other administrations have tried and failed.

The agreement signed this week amounts to an unconditional surrender on the part of North Korea. Kim agreed to give up his entire nuclear program, including all research. The United States agreed in return to stop the “provocative” joint war games scheduled for every few months with South Korea.

As long as Kim Jong Un keeps his word, which will be verified by on-site inspections, the sanctions will be eased. President Trump offered to show Kim how to turn Pyongyang into a resort destination for that part of Asia.

North Korea “could have the best hotels in the world,” President Trump noted, and it would be a great way to get the economy moving again.

“Think of it from a real estate perspective,” Trump explained to Kim. “You have South Korea, you have China.” Kim controls the land in the middle. “How bad is that, right?” President Trump noted. “It’s great.”

Even news outlets like CNN, that lean so far left they should fall over, are forced to admit that the North Korean peace deal is a historic occasion and they don’t like admitting it one bit.

In a media briefing after the document was executed, President Trump noted “This has been a very big day in terms of the world. A lot of people have been saying it’s historic.”

The interviewer agreed. “We’re calling it historic.” President Trump chuckled, “yeah, even my enemies are calling it historic.” No other president ever made the effort to negotiate personally with any of North Korean leaders.