Actress and liberal activist Alyssa Milano has been on a roll lately, cranking out tweets promoting various orthodox Hollywood positions on all of the hot button issues, including gun rights, gender equity, lead paint and bloodletting (that’ll make sense later). Hot on the heels of internet-shaking comments on the Equal Rights Amendment, Paul Ryan’s disparaging view of women, and why women aren’t protected by the 14th Amendment, Milano tweeted out a creative new conspiracy theory on the National Rifle Association.

It turns out that the NRA once gave a courage award to, wait for it, Ajit Pai, the man responsible for repealing net neutrality . . .

Twitchy, who’s also had some fun with Milano’s tweets in the past, noted the tweet and some of the responses online, some of which are pretty entertaining.

Some of Milano’s followers were totally on board with the blame-the-NRA-(and-Russia-and-Trump)-for-literally-everything angle:

Others weren’t quite buying it: